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Welcome to Tribotix's Wiki - this is where we'll keep User Manuals for our products as well as links to relevant schematics, source code, firmware and component datasheets.

We have an open project & open source policy for all our products, but we limit this to our customers. Why? We want to provide our customers with ALL the information they need, but we need to protect our designs from those who might have the wrong intentions. So, if you'd like access to any schematics, source code, firmware and/or component datasheets in our secure area then please send a request to letting us know why you need access - e.g. my Uni just bought .... and I need access to ....

NB. This site is a work in progress and it probably always will be - it may not look pretty to start with but getting the information available for our patient customers is the most important thing for use to do at the moment. Contributions by users and developers are most welcome - simply create an account and start typing.

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User Manuals

  • HyMe User Manual - a 23DOF Humanoid capable of bipedal motion.
  • HyKim User Manual - a 21DOF Robot Bear capable of both quadrupedal and bipedal motion.
  • HyInt User Manuals - Powerful processing system for robots, designed around a 500MHz AMD Geode mcu that can communicate at 1Mbps to Robotis's range of serially controller servo motors.
  • HySense User Manual - ATMega128 mcu board capable of communicating with the Robotis's entire range of serially controller servo motors, as well as providing a 6-axis IMU, Digital compass, Pushbuttons (similar to CM5) and access to unused GPIO from the ATMega mcu.
  • HySense Lite User Manual - a smaller version of HySense without the Digital compass and Pushbuttons.
  • USB to RS485 - a simple USB to RS485 converter, which also can be used as a USB to Serial Converter and a USB to TTL serial (for AX Dynamixels).


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