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The project to develop an advanced Humanoid grew from the hardware created for HyKim, a 23DOF robot bear (Biped/Quadruped robot) which was proposed to be used for RoboCup's Standard Robotic Platform as a replacement for the Sony Aibo.

HyMe is currently in it's prototype format:

  • Prototype is based on Robotis's CycloidII with the additional features:
  • Pan-Tilt Head arrangement
  • On-board webcam for local image processing
  • AMD Geode based processing system
  • 6-axis IMU
  • LiPo Batteries
  • Dynamixels used: 23 x DX-117's
  • HyInt v2 (CM-iGLX with onboard WLAN & USB Hub - 5 USB ports)
  • HySense Lite - Head Data Acquisition Module (PB0805)
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