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The diagram below shows how the modules that make up HyKim are defined and interconnected.

HyKim Block Diagram v1.jpg

There are 4 main modules with HyKim, these are:

  1. HyInt the main processing module (includes Compulab’s CM-iGLX),
  2. Body Data Acquisition module, and
  3. Head Data Acquisition module,
  4. Network of Dynamixel motors spread around HyKim's body.

The 4 modules mentioned are connected serially to form a Star type network, as illustrated below:

HyKim Network v1.jpg

NB. In the diagram above showing HyKim's network topology, the USB connection to the Logitech Webcam is also included for completeness.

HyInt is obviously the core system here. HyInt should be the Master in this star topology, making the decisions when it should request data and issue commands to the Slave modules. HyInt must be the Master when communicating with the Dynamixel modules, the firmware installed in the Dynamixels requires this (this cannot be changed). But, with regard to the Data Acquisition modules, communication properties (Master or Slave) can be defined by the programmer(s) as the firmware in the Data Acquisition systems can easily be changed.

HyKim Wiring v1.jpg

The diagram above again shows the Star network topology but this time in more detail. The CM-iGLX has 3 USB ports, one of these is used for the Logitech Webcam, another is used to talk to the Dynamixel modules (via a USB to RS485 conversion circuit) whilst the final USB port remains spare for the user to use as is seen fit.

The CM-iGLX has 2 COM ports, these are both used to talk to the Data Acquisition modules. It should be noted however that because there are only 2 COM ports available, the Head Data Acquisition module’s serial channel is also used as the debug port for the CM-iGLX when required (generally only during initial configuration of the CM-iGLX). This is simply achieved by changing the connection on J2 of PB704A.

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