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The project to develop an advanced Biped/Quadruped for RoboCup's Standard Robotic Platform started in early 2006. HyKim, the 21 DOF Robot Bear, and it's sub-modules are the result of this project.

To date there have been 2 major revisions to HyInt's design, so for completeness all the User Manuals are linked below:

  • Compatiable with AX, DX & RX Dynamixel Modules
  • CM-iGLX with built-in 802.11
  • Spare USB - can be used for USB FLASH DRIVE
  • External connectors for Ethernet, VGA, Serial & USB
  • Comms to Data Aquisition Modules (HySense & HySense Lite) now RS485
  • Motherboard (PB0801)
  • Power Supply Board (PB0803)
  • Power Management done via ATMega8
  • Compatiable with DX & RX Dynamixel Modules
  • 802.11 provided by mini-PCI
  • Motherboard (PB704A)
  • Power Supply Board (PB704B)
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