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The ATMega mcu from Atmel is extensively used in our products, it is currently used in:

  1. HyInt - ATMega8 for Battery Voltage/Charge and Current monitoring,
  2. HySense - ATMega128 for heart of the Data Aquisition Module,
  3. HySense Lite - ATMega128 for heart of the Data Acquisition Module.

NB. ATMega8's are also used by Robotis within the Dynamixels.

Why do we choose ATMega's? Because they have great freeware development tools:

  1. AVRStudio, and
  2. WinAVR.

We'll use this section of the Wiki to provide instructions on compiling and downloading projects to the ATMega's we use.

--Peter 23:51, 26 June 2008 (EST)

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